Chronic And Acute Pain Relief

Finding Chronic And Acute Pain Relief

There are many conditions that will leave you with chronic and acute pain. Finding relief for such conditions can mean the difference between leading a long and happy life, and being miserable.

There are many ways to treat chronic and acute pain. You can find a variety of options and choose what works best for you.

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Pain Medications

Doctors can prescribe pain medications that can help to reduce the level of pain that you’re at. However, these pain medications have side effects that may be as serious as the chronic pain condition itself.

Doctors will closely monitor how the pain medications work. The worst side effect is that many pain medications can become addicting.


Acupuncture works by taking small fine needles and placing them into specific areas of the skin. They then work to alter the sensation of pain. The fine needles are placed in specific locations for different pain areas.

Acupuncture is often used as a complementary therapy alongside other therapeutic treatments.

Heat And Cold

Sometimes, all that is required is hot and cold therapy. You can use a heating pad or a sock with rice in it that was warmed in the microwave and a bag of frozen peas or create your own ice pack using ice cubes.

Place this alternately on the pain location making sure that there is a towel or cloth between the heat or cold and the area that the pain is located in.


Depending on the location that is in pain some gentle stretching may also help to relieve the pain.

Practice gentle movement and stretching to help reduce tightened muscles and to help stretch them out.

Often people will use all of the above to treat chronic and acute pain conditions. Always tell a doctor if you’re using other therapies to reduce pain.

Pain Patches

Pain Patches have become one of the most effective ways to reduce inflammation and pain. LUMINAS patches use Energy Medicine advancements,  this is a new approach based on new developments in quantum physics. This technique has the same potency of more than 200 remedies to reduce inflammation and pain. This helps the body’s natural healing process.



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