Questions? We've Got Answers

Questions? We've Got Answers

Nov 24th 2021

Your Questions Answered!
We gathered the experts at LUMINAS and had them answer some of your most-asked questions!

How Do They Work
LUMINAS Relief patches are charged with the electron signatures of ingredients known to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. The patches have a thin layer of Mylar, which is a capacitive material that’s able to hold the energetic charge of thes ingredients. Once the patch is placed onto the skin, the body’s energetic field induces the flow of electrons from the patch into the body, known as the Galvanic Skin Response.

How Long Do The Patches Last?
LUMINAS Relief Patches begin working as soon as they are placed on the skin but each person may feel the effects at different points in time. Once applied to the skin, the patches are effective for up to 24 hours. The tan Relief patches are water-resistant too, so they continue to work their magic even during baths, showers, swims, or sweaty activities!

Can I Wear More Than One Patch at a Time?
Yes! There is no harm in wearing multiple patches. We actually recommend that you start with 2+ patches on or adjacent to the area of pain or discomfort. Depending on your pain and discomfort level, you can add or remove patches as you feel needed.

Why Shouldn't I Cut The Patches?
Do not cut your patches. If you cut the patches, the charge will be lost and the patch will no longer be effective. If you're looking for a specific size, we have a few options for you.

Are They Safe For Children Or Pregnant Women?
Yes, LUMINAS patches are safe for all ages and for pregnant women. The patches contain no active ingredients, they're 100% natural, and do not contain any harmful chemicals. The Relief patches work great for bumps, bruises, achy backs, and sciatica discomfort.