Live your life again with revolutionary 24-hour pain relief patches – a new approach to treating chronic and acute pain.

Luminas – Getting down to the source of pain

Have you tried a wide variety of pain relievers in the past, only to find they wear off too soon you it hardly works for your chronic or acute pain at all? This is why Luminas have developed a pain relief patch that targets pain sources, seeing pain relief within minutes.
The Luminas Pain Patches simply go on or near the troublesome area and provides fast-acting, long-lasting pain relief. No drugs or chemicals are necessary, and there are no side effects too. You’re left to feel better to be able to get on with day-to-day tasks thanks to our breakthrough technology in reducing inflammation and pain.

The Power of the Patch

Luminas uses Energy Medicine Technology, an approach based on quantum physics, to create a powerful pain relief patch. This technology takes the unique signatures of over 200 natural remedies like turmeric, ginseng, and ginger known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and transcribes it onto the patch. These supercharged patches activate when contact is made with the skin. Each patch has up to 6 quadrillion influence areas that enable the signatures to be superimposed and then reflect those natural remedies like a mirror, through skin deep into the pain source. These solutions are designed to work with the body’s natural responses to quickly give that pain relief you need and restore balance. You get all the benefits of nature’s own anti-inflammatories for 24-hours thanks to one medium or large patch. Smaller patches will provide pain relief for up to 72 hours!

The Luminas Pain Patch is suitable for a wide variety of acute and chronic pain conditions, from sports injuries to fibromyalgia. Using this technology really marks a breakthrough in safe and targeted pain relief.

Results You Can See and Feel

Luminas uses thermography technology to be able to see the impact the patch has on inflammation and pain. Infrared cameras can pick up on the rises in temperature due to increased blood circulation in areas of inflammation, with high levels in orange to red to white (very high). After Luminas patches have been applied, the infrared cameras showed that the “hot spots” started decreasing in size almost right away and have turned to “cooler” spots of green and blue within minutes. These cameras were used on all areas of the body, from head and neck to the feet, and Luminas worked in the same way to reduce that area’s inflammation. You can expect a positive response with Luminas, but as everybody is different, results may vary. You may need a bigger/additional patch or more time before you completely get rid of the pain.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our customers have been using Luminas Pain Relief Patches for a variety of reasons. Here are some ways Luminas is helping people manage their pain:

“A few weeks ago, I had all my wisdom teeth pulled. My grandfather gave me some of your relief patches to try. I put one patch on each cheek where it hurt. Within 10 minutes it stopped hurting. I couldn’t believe that this tiny patch was stopping the pain. Just to make sure, I took both patches off and the pain returned. Needless to say, I put them right back on. If I didn’t experience it myself I would never believe it but these really work.” – Caroline G.

“I am a 51-year-old male who has lived with significant and debilitating heel pain my entire life. Over the years I have been treated by a number of different professionals and have had different surgeries to try and alleviate the extreme inflammation and pain with little success. I applied the LUMINAS Pain Relief Patches to my heels and could immediately sense the frequency and vibrational energy in my feet. Within 20 minutes my pain level was zero. This is the most remarkable technology for pain that I have ever witnessed. Highly recommended if you have pain issues, amazing!” – David S.

“I have been using your relief patches with success. One place being on a cramp in my calf. The other is on my lower back/hip. I could feel relief in a short period of time and it lasted for a few days. Made it much easier to get up and down without pain. I put them on and change them after a few days. Thanks to the relief patch I do not have to take pain medicine for these areas.” – Jimmy B.