Power Sleep Patches

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60 Power Sleep Patches (1" rounds)

Power Sleep Patches are designed to promote a deeper, more restorative sleep so you can wake up and be ready to tackle the days ahead.

Power Sleep Patches use the same proprietary technology as our LUMINAS Relief Patches, except with the electronic signatures from ingredients known to support sleep.

Groggy-free. Chemical-free. Odor-free.

Apply 1 patch below each ear before bedtime or naptime. Remove when you wake. Repeat nightly.

For optimal results: Continuously wear for 1 week to start. Add or reduce number of patches as needed.

5-HTP, Melatonin, Chamomile, Magnesium, Lavender, GABA, Omega 3, and many more.


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    Slept well

    Posted by Matilde M.

    Help a lot to sleep well

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    Finally Something That Works

    Posted by Maureen D.

    I have battled insomnia for years and years. I have a box full of sleep aids and still nothing has helped. I have had a terrible migraine reaction to Rx sleep meds. I never wanted to take Rx sleep meds but I was at a dangerous point of no sleep for days at a time. I actually read a review for a different Amazon sleep aid by a guy who said nothing works as good at LUMINAS Power Sleep patches. He even gave the website to order these. I quickly found this website and product and ordered them. WOW, I am ever grateful to that man for turning me on to these Power Sleep Patches. It has been a game changer for my sleep and my health. I love that they are simple small patches you apply to skin by your vein. I have been recovering from a stomach virus and could not think of putting anything into my stomach. These small round patches are easy on my sensitive skin and really do work. At first I started off by getting 2 hours of sleep twice a night. I just got ..... SEVEN HOURS OF STRAIGHT SLEEP!!!!!! That has not happened in over 10 years. I was doing my happy dance. If you are struggling with you sleep please do not hesitate to order this effective, fantastic, gentle Power Sleep Patch. After I found this website, I realize LUMINAS started as a Pain Patch. I have ordered, but luckily have not had to use them yet. I ordered the size a wee bit smaller than a deck of cards, for when my back muscle spasms goes crazy. I also ordered the small round pain patch for use when my migraines are pounding. Have not used the pain patches yet, but it gives me relief to know they are in my med cabinet when and if I need them. I am thinking that once my sleep gets back on track, my other health issues will clear up too. Sleep is key to being and staying healthy. Thank you LUMINAS and the guy who mentioned this product on an amazon review. Sweet Dreams!

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    Power Sleep Patches

    Posted by Jane S.

    I have been using the sleep patches for a couple of years. I have shared the patches with several friends and my son. All have been very impressed with the ability to get sleep. Of course, I really like the product and use them frequently.

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    power sleep patches

    Posted by Marion G.

    I was very skeptical to try these patches, but I have had pretty good results after 1 1/2 weeks.

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    Quality Standard For Years

    Posted by Duane V.

    I am sleeping much better since I started using these patches...Thanks!

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    Posted by Maria S.

    This patch help me to relax and sleep faster,
    Thank you

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    1st time trying

    Posted by Bryan D.

    sleep patches work great

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    Sleep Patches

    Posted by Roger R.

    Rather disappointed in this product - minimal if any effect on getting me to fall asleep and stay asleep. Easy to use but my guess is the active ingredients in the combination of sleep aids in the patches are not of a high enough concentration/amount for me.

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    Working Great!

    Posted by Lenna S.

    Seems to be working great so far!