Power Sleep Patches

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60 Power Sleep Patches (1" rounds)

Power Sleep Patches are designed to promote a deeper, more restorative sleep so you can wake up and be ready to tackle the days ahead.

Power Sleep Patches use the same proprietary technology as our LUMINAS Relief Patches, except with the electronic signatures from ingredients known to support sleep.

Groggy-free. Chemical-free. Odor-free.

Apply 1 patch below each ear before bedtime or naptime. Remove when you wake. Repeat nightly.

For optimal results: Continuously wear for 1 week to start. Add or reduce number of patches as needed.

5-HTP, Melatonin, Chamomile, Magnesium, Lavender, GABA, Omega 3, and many more.


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    Posted by Diana S.

    Took about 3 days to start being really effective but I've been using them now for a couple of months. I have spent several years using antihistamines or Advil PM to get sleep and still wake up groggy. I am so grateful to find this product as it is so natural. I wake up refreshed.

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    Power Sleep Patches

    Posted by Nanette E.

    On occasion I have trouble falling asleep. I tried the Power Sleep Patches and found they really work. Plus I wake up after a full nights sleep and feel energized and not groggy at all. They are worth trying for anyone who has trouble falling asleep.

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    Ups my sleep game

    Posted by Cat C.

    I am upping my sleep game and this has become part of my nightly routine. I feel more refreshed the next morning when I use one on each side per night (two per night total) unlike when I take sleep meds. I don't need technology to tell me that I feel so much better. I have better sleep quality, for sure!

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    Very Effective Patches

    Posted by Judy O.

    I am an ardent 77 year old user of LUMINAS patches. I have psoriatic arthritis and erosive osteoarthritis and LUMINAS pain patches are a godsend for me. I wear them on my hand and lower back at night in addition to the sleep patches. I find that I am able to get a good nights sleep without pain interrupting my sleep. I am anxiously awaiting availability of the Peace patches and will order them as soon as they are available I highly recommend these LUMINAS patches!

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    Posted by Richard F.

    Really works well

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    These really work!

    Posted by AMY A.

    THESE REALLY HELP ME STAY ASLEEP! I have gotten into a much healthier sleep routine with these drug-free little patches. Thankful I found these when I was searching for a healthier pain patch. Kinda a big FAN of LUMINAS!

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    Better quality of sleep

    Posted by Danielle L.

    I'm pleasantly surprised to find these sleep patches quite helpful. Deeper gentle quality of rest with no grogginess like other remedies often cause. I like that the patches are so small. Main downside is the patches irritate my delicate neck skin.

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    Giving the Gift of a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP!

    Posted by Judi H.

    This was one of my favorite gifts this holiday season. Everyone who, at one time or another this year, has complained about difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or feeling rested upon awakening, got a packet for their very own. I like these even more than I like the pain patches, which is saying something!

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    Love them!

    Posted by Monica G.

    These are amazing and work so well!! If I wake up in the night to go to the bathroom I fall right back asleep. I sleep deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed. Love these!!!