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Wrist pain is a common ailment. While it’s often quite minor and will go away in time, sometimes it can be long-term due to a more severe condition. Many things can contribute to wrist pain, but no matter what the cause, it can be extremely uncomfortable and prevent us from performing day-to-day tasks, including writing, typing, and other things that may seem minor, but essential for everyday work and life. While traditional pain relief like ibuprofen or wrist wraps may help, they only mask the pain temporarily and rarely get deep into the pain source Thankfully, Luminas have the solution for fast and efficient around-the-clock wrist pain relief.

What is Wrist Pain?

Wrist pain is any discomfort in the wrist. The type of pain or discomfort can vary, depending on what’s causing it. It could be anywhere from a constant dull ache to shooting pains. It might even just be uncomfortable when moving your wrist a certain way. Not all types of wrist pain need to be seen to by a doctor and can be managed, thanks to pain relief by Luminas.

What Causes Wrist Pain?

Wrist pain is something many people will experience in their lifetime. There are various causes of wrist pain, often minor reasons.

There are a lot of intricate details inside the wrist that ensures we have a good range of motion. The wrist is a joint that consists of ligaments and eight small bones. The ligaments are like a strong band that holds the bones together and to the bones in your hand and forearm. Tendons are attached to both the bones and muscles. Damage to any of these parts can lead to wrist pain.

One apparent cause of wrist pain is physical injury. This pain is from of a sudden hard impact, like falling and trying to catch yourself with your hands, suddenly hitting a hard surface, or being hit with something. Doing this can cause a sprain or strain in the muscles. There may also be fractures involved. Another common type of injury is just stress put on the joint due to repetitive motion. This pain can also be from inflammation in the tissues.

Arthritis is another common ailment found in the wrists. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks tissues. Usually, both wrists are susceptible to pain from this. Osteoarthritis is a deterioration of the cartilage around bones. This pain is uncommon in the wrists, and is generally only found in those who have had a previous wrist injury.

There are three major nerves in your forearm; and when the median nerve is pinched or becomes compressed in some way, that’s when Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs. This ailment is common amongst those who have to use the computer for their job, or have any other repetitive job that requires precise use of the hands. It can also occur to those with diabetes, arthritis, and an under-active thyroid. The swelling in the wrists whether from repetitive movement or condition that’ll press on that median nerve, causing wrist pain.

Another common cause of wrist pain is gout. Although many people may associate gout with feet/toes, it can be found in most joints. It occurs with a build-up of uric acid from drinking too much alcohol, medications like diuretics, overeating and some existing conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Not only is it painful, but it’ll cause swelling too.

How Luminas Can Help

Many medications on the market will claim to help your muscle and joint pain, but too often these are only for brief pain relief. It isn’t always safe to be taking so many pain relievers to keep masking the pain. Luminas has developed the best solution for wrist pain in the form of a 24-hour wearable patch.

The Luminas Pain Relief Patch treats pain and inflammation in a way those other over-the-counter medicines do not. It does this without the use of any drugs or chemicals, which also means no side effects – only that incredible pain relief you have been hoping for – thanks to technology.

Luminas uses energy medicine technology, an approach based on quantum physics, to get to the source of your wrist pain. Once the Luminas Pain Relief Patch is put onto the wrist, the power of over 200 known natural resources for pain and inflammation gets working. It includes the likes of turmeric, magnesium, omega-3, and vitamin D.

The unique signatures of these remedies transfers onto a resonant carrier wave which allows these names to be put on a convenient patch. The energy from the electrons becomes activated, once it hits your skin before working with your body to support a natural healing process from within the body, and gives you the much-needed wrist pain relief. You’ll start feeling this from within minutes, and it’ll last for up to 24 hours without any drugs or chemicals at all. Smaller patches, like ones you would typically use for the wrists, can even last up to 72 hours. You can wear it while showering, bathing, swimming, and exercising, so you can get pain relief on the go and without worry that it’ll come off.

Patches should not be cut up to fit, or it can lose its electrical charge. If you’re unsure on what size to get, Luminas can help you find the right one.

Luminas have used thermography technology to track the impact the Pain Relief Patch has on wrist pain. When there’s inflammation within the body, there’s increased blood flow, and this is picked up by infrared cameras. Once the patch was applied, it was easy to see a rapid decline in inflammation. Within 15 minutes, any indication of inflammation will be dramatically reduced.

Whether you suffer from chronic or acute wrist pain, Luminas Pain Relief Patches will deliver fast-acting, long-lasting results you’ve been hoping for without putting unnecessary medications into your body. Try the Luminas Pain Relief Patches now to feel the difference.