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Easy to use, all-natural, and clinically proven to reduce pain & inflammation.

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Powerful, All Day Relief

LUMINAS Electroceutical Relief patches are a clinically proven way to reduce pain and inflammation without the need for drugs, topical creams, or other harmful chemicals. LUMINAS has helped tens of thousands of people find relief from chronic and acute pain of all types.

LUMINAS Relief patches work directly with your body to target pain causing inflammation resulting in real long-lasting relief.

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  • Lasts All Day
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LUMINAS Relief patches are charged with the electron signatures taken from natural ingredients proven to reduce the most common causes of inflammation.

When you apply LUMINAS Relief patches to your skin, your bioelectric field induces the flow of electrons directly into your body from the patches. The effect is fast-acting, powerful relief.

Choose Your Patch

What’s the difference between the white and tan? Simply stated: the stickiness.

Both work directly with your body to deliver the powerful relief you deserve without the drugs or chemicals.

Most Popular

Gentle Adhesive

24 Patches 12 MEDIUM (1.5”X2.75”) • 12 LARGE (2.75”X4”)

The White Relief Patches are designed with a gentle adhesive and are meant for daily use or light activities.


$27.99 When you subscribe

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Extra Sticky Adhesive

24 Patches 12 MEDIUM (1.5”X2.75”) • 12 LARGE (2.75”X4”)

Stronger, water-resistant adhesive and are meant for more active days or for sweaty, oily skin. If you know that you’ll be active most of the day, try the Tan!


$27.99 When you subscribe

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    100% Natural

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    Clinically Proven

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    No Drugs

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    Lasts 24 hours

No Drugs. Just Physics.

Modern physics tells us that everything on earth is made of energy. All natural ingredients have unique electric fields made up of electrons. The LUMINAS Electroceutical Technology uses resonant carrier waves to capture these electrons from the host ingredients and imprints them into capacitive patches.

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Patches are charged with electrons captured from:

Arnica, B-Complex, Bioperine, CoQ10, Enzymes, Glutathione, Ginger, Lavender, Magnesium, MSM, Olive Leaf, Omega-3, Turmeric, Vitamin D, and more.

No Drugs. No Chemicals. No Side Effects.

Clinically Proven Results

Hundreds of tests and an independent clinical trial have indicated that LUMINAS is effective at reducing pain and inflammation.


Pain Reduced
From 7.1 to 4.0

LUMINAS was shown to reduce pain from an overall 7/10 to 4/10 on the VAS Pain Scale, and to significantly reduce skin temperature (associated with pain and inflammation) in the same test subjects as shown with digital infrared thermography.

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Relief for Everyone

For people dealing with both acute and chronic pain, the joy that comes from finally feeling relief without side effects can be life changing. The patches can help reduce inflammation which can lead to better mobility, better quality sleep, and improved mood. When even the most simple tasks can be performed without pain, overwhelming happiness is a common reaction for those having to deal with constant pain.

Real People. Real Relief.

Margo R.
I was living on pain pills before LUMINAS.
"I can't tell you how much I love and appreciate LUMINAS patches!! I had back surgery in the fall of 2019. The pain that I had after the surgery was as bad or worse as the pain leading up to it! I was living on pain pills before LUMINAS."
John P.
I was totally blown away!
“In 2009, I was in a severe car accident. I crushed my right hip, broke all the ribs on my right side. After being in the hospital for 10 months, I started the road to recovery. I was totally blown away by how effective the LUMINAS patches are!! Amazing — they really work!!”
Sheila W.
These patches are the best and work instantly!
“These patches are the best and work instantly! Give them about fifteen minutes to twenty minutes before they kick in. I let my brother use one and he said he was pain free all day, so I had to reorder. I have been using these patches for over a year now. I just ordered the Relief Small Patches. I can’t wait till they come!”
Dee M.
They have made my life liveable again!
"I was told I needed a hip replacement but I didn’t like the idea of surgery. I tried LUMINAS Relief patches on my groin area and WOW! No Pain! I use one every day. I walk every day on the beach with my dog and I am very active for my age, 75. They have made my life livable again."
Dan S.
My pain went from a 10 down to a 1-2!
“Within no more than 5 minutes of applying the patches, my wife was feeling absolutely fantastic! She had been in pain for so long that she forgot what it was like to be able to stand up straight and walk without severe pain. The constant pain that I had been in since 1991 went from a 10 down to a 1-2!”
Barbara M.
I can walk better without pain.
“I use about 5 of your patches every day. They’ve changed my life to where I can walk better without pain the minute I put them on. I highly recommend them to anybody. They’ve changed my life.”
Peggy C.
I use them on my ankle, hips, back, shoulder, elbow, nose and forehead.
“I am unable to use NSAIDs so I have to resort to other pain-relieving methods. I ordered LUMINAS Relief patches to use on my hips and they worked amazingly! I also use them on my ankle, hips, back, shoulder, elbow, nose and forehead. I like the tan patches the best because they stick well. I use the white patches on my face and arms since the skin is more delicate there. I recommend this to everyone I know who suffers from pain.”
Ronald R.
I wake up in less pain.
“I have found significant relief so far and I wake up in less pain. Hoping for continued relief.”
Wendy P.
They help me manage my pain without drugs.
“I have chronic pain from spondylosis and secondary piriformis pain. LUMINAS Relief patches reduce my pain and help me manage my pain without drugs. I can work and get through the day with a lower level of pain. Happy I found these.”
Linda K.
They immediately begin to work for me.
“Once you put them on, they immediately begin to work for me.”
Cher L.
I use them every night.
“I cannot live without these pain patches. I use them every night along with the Power Sleep patches so I can get some rest. I use the small ones under the head areas for severe neck pain and the larger ones along my traps and shoulders. I've been using them for close to 2 years now and I am so glad I came across them.”
Kimberly M.
The best all-natural pain relief that I have experienced.
“This is the best all-natural pain relief that I have experienced. These are better than medicated patches or any topical rubs.”
Kathy N.
LUMINAS is the only thing that stops my pain!
“LUMINAS is the only thing that stops my pain! Believe me when I say I have tried everything. I have severe fibromyalgia and lower back pain and only LUMINAS stops the pain. I couldn't live without them!”
Nancy B.
I use them on my hips as I have arthritis there.
“I prefer the tan patches because I sweat a lot & they really stay on! I use them on my hips as I have arthritis there and the patches kill the pain!”
Michael T.
These patches are a miracle!
“These patches are a miracle! Not only do they help me relieve my pain, but they also reduce my insomnia episodes in terms of tossing and turning during my shortened sleep. I work a very demanding and stressful job in a laboratory analyzing chemicals and food products.”
Whitney H.
Glad they can help with my inflammation.
“I had back surgery at 26 years old and now 5 years later, I still get pain. LUMINAS definitely reduces that pain. Love my LUMINAS patches and glad they can help with my inflammation.”
Susan T.
They have been a lifesaver!
“I have used LUMINAS patches for 6 years! They have been a lifesaver! I first started using them for my upper arm pain that required disk surgery. They helped cope with the pain. I now use them on my neck and back as I have spinal stenosis. They really help with the pain! I would recommend these to anyone suffering chronic pain! They have improved my life dramatically!”

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