The most advanced
medical technology

At LUMINAS, our mission is clear: to create a revolutionary technology platform that empowers humanity by unlocking the benefits of energetic information sourced from natural constituents. We envision a world beyond pharmaceuticals and chemicals, where the inherent intelligence within biological systems is respected and influenced by our innovative platform.

A Vision Beyond Conventional Solutions:
Embracing Natural

Step into a future where pain relief transcends traditional methods. LUMINAS embraces the fundamental energetic nature of biological systems, providing you with a unique solution derived directly from naturally occurring constituents. Say goodbye to pharmaceuticals and chemicals and embrace a holistic approach rooted in the wisdom of nature.

Our Core Values: Guiding Your Journey to Well-being

Change The World for The Better:

our goal as innovators and business leaders is to create products that help people heal without sacrificing other aspects of their health.

Customer-Centric Experience:

Each step in your journey with LUMINAS matters. We strive to make every interaction positive – from purchasing our product the moment you use your last patch in the package, we want you to feel cared for.

Respect for All Life:

Ethical practices matter. Our products were never and are never used on animals during research and development.

Feel Empowered Through Your Journey

Choosing LUMINAS means embracing a transformative perspective on your health. Our technology platform invites you to explore a different way of addressing your ailments – one that prioritizes holistic solutions for your well-being.

Everybody Deserve Relief

1 in 6
Americans experiences
 Chronic Pain.
of Americans today have
chronic inflammation
20 million
have pain that regularly
prevents life and work activity.
LUMINAS Relief patches on people.
LUMINAS has helped tens of thousands of people find relief from chronic and acute pain of all types.

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