Immune Boost - Natural Immunity Patches

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30 Immune Boost Patches (1" rounds)

Immune Boost Patches are designed to help activate and boost your innate immune system and its ability to defend against viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other foreign particles.
Immune Boost patches are designed be worn on the chest area and can be used daily for optimal support.

Immune Patches use the same proprietary technology as our LUMINAS Relief Patches, except with the electronic signatures from ingredients known to support your immune system.

Safe for all ages. No allergens. No side effects.

Apply 1 patch near the center of your chest. Recommended use: Wear daily for optimal support.

For external use only.

Do not use

  • on any open wound, cut, or irritated skin.
  • multiple patches stacked directly on top of each other, as this can cause a lack of air flow to the skin and the patches may stick too strong to the skin.

When using the product

  • use only as directed.
  • avoid contact with the eyes.
  • dispose of the used patches in a manner that is not accessible to pets or children, due to potential choking hazards.

Stop using and contact a medical professional if

  • your condition worsens.
  • you experience severe redness and irritation of the skin.

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  • 5
    Immune Boost Patches

    Posted by Nancy Montes

    The best money I have ever spent. I have been wearing the patch everyday for years. I am 84, still work full time and I attribute my good health, stamina and energy to the patch. Once in a while when I was in a big hurry I have forgotten to put a patch on and boy can I tell the difference. My energy level is way down and also feel drained. I now keep some at work. Everyone should be wearing this.

  • 5
    Immune Boost Must Haves

    Posted by L. Remington

    I have been using these patches for as long as they were introduced, maybe a few years back now. I recommend them to all my clients (holistic wellness) and I will say I have not been sick once and I feel healthy and strong. I know they work along with all the other Luminas products available. Very effective and so affordable!

  • 5
    Immune Boost Patch

    Posted by Lillian Clark

    I was really struggling with a bad cold for 7 days, and this patch made me feel better, gave me an energy boost, and my cold is almost over. Thank you.

  • 4
    Immune boost best!

    Posted by Tammy G

    It seems to be working great, we have stayed healthy through the winter months. I gave it 4 stars because it's really not sweat proof so if you exercise with it on it may fall off.

  • 5
    Great immune boost!

    Posted by Aleksa K.

    Really impressed with these! Been recovering from COVID as an immunocompromised person and these seem to help more than any supplements right now. Feeling stronger and more balanced...

  • 5
    I anticipate good results

    Posted by Jay M.

    I am trying the immune boost patches and will report what appears to be happening in a few weeks. They are easy to use and I am anticipating good results.

  • 5
    Immune Boost Patches

    Posted by Nanette E.

    It is hard to rate the Immune Boost Patches because you don't feel any immediate relief from using them. However, I am in my late 70s and my family came to visit for Thanksgiving and all were sick. I was the only one that did not get sick and attribute my wellness from the immune boost patches that I wear every day.

  • 4
    These are great

    Posted by KARYN M.

    I have been pretty sick and they seem to help with get up and go and moving around with all of those aches and pains

  • 5
    So far so good

    Posted by Monica G.

    I have only worn them for five days. So far I am feeling good. I also wear the LUMINAS sleep patches at night which are really amazing. I am not sure what to feel from the immune boost patches but I have noticed I have not sneezed as much this week. Will have to keep wearing and see what happens a month from now.