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Orange, CA

"LUMINAS patches have helped with my daily chronic back pain and with new injuries as well. I don't know what I would do without them. Thank you, LUMINAS!!"
Leslie Brooks

Luray, VA

"I have been using the LUMINAS patches for about a year now for severe neck pain. I love that they are natural and don’t put chemicals in my body."
Janet Hindman

Matthews, NC

"Since I found LUMINAS patches, my life has changed for the better. I have arthritis in my hips and knees. With these patches I am now able to stand up straight and walk. A true-life saver for me!"
Laura Knight

Redding, CA

"I injured my knee and could barely walk from the pain. I tried everything and the only thing that helped me were LUMINAS patches."
Signal Bauer

Lake Forest, CA

"So excited! I finally found some relief for my neuropathy with the Luminas patches. First thing EVER to help with the pain. Thank you!"

Bowie, MD

"LUMINAS is a great instant pain-relieving patch. I have excruciating pain in my right arm, shoulder and back. Once I put the tan patch on the pain immediately subside. I've tried them all and the tan ones works best for me. I love the instant relief it gives. Thanks LUMINAS!"
Gayla Reenan

Newport Beach, CA

"I love to play Pickleball, but my neck gets sore if I play too much. I saw a friend with a patch on her neck. Now both of are able to play more thanks to Luminas patches."
Michelle R Neal

Ponca City, OK

"I love the LUMINAS patches. They are the only thing that relieves my migraines, and they work quickly. I also use them on my hip. It's amazing how much they help."
Eric W. Zebley

Wilmington, DE

"I have a foot that was damaged in an auto accident and is always painful as I've gotten older. The patches have been the best relief enabling me to stand for long periods of time with no pain."
Denise Stockman

Riverside, CA

"I’ve had fibromyalgia for more than 20 years and am always looking for pain relief. I ordered my first set and was blown away with the results. They really work and I use them all the time."
Jeannine D Korb

Glen Allen, VA

"These patches are great. My husband and I use them frequently and tell others about them."
Ellen l. Sills

Everett, WA

"They are awesome! I wear about every other day; what a difference!!! Love them!!!"
Joyce Cleavelry

Birch Hills SK, Canada

"I have a rotator cuff injury in my shoulder so tried this pain patch. I am happy to say it works really well."
Jerry Farmer

The Villages, FL

"I have a lot of low back pain and use a patch there 4 or 5 times a week. My wife has used them as needed on her knee, shoulder & ankle. We are both amazed at how well they get rid of the pain."
Beverly Muir

Candia, NH

"I have had the worst neck and shoulder pain since injuring both in 2015, I’ve tried everything available and have never had the relief that I am getting from Luminas pain patches. They are amazing and NATURAL. I couldn't be happier!!!"
Nikki Lee

Elkins Park, PA

"My knees have been stressed from 16 years of figure skating, and I am protective of them. Whenever there is a sore ligament, I put a pain patch on it, and the next morning, the pain is gone."
Dawn Zauner

Conway, SC

"I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I have severe inflammation and pain in my spine. I use these patches every day and it helps immensely with the inflammation and pain I deal with on a daily basis. I can't go a day without using them."
Doris Lawson

Orange County, FL

"I am very sensitive to medication and these patches have been the solution to pain without side effects."
Annette French

Milwaukee, WI

"I don’t like taking pills more than necessary but sometimes the pain makes even simple tasks difficult. A friend recommended Luminas. I have tried other patches to no avail, so was skeptical but when I tried them, I was amazed. The pain was greatly reduced!"
Joe Hunter

Petaluma, CA

"Excellent patches really help my day-to-day abilities."
Suzanne Wyrick

Corona del Mar, CA

"I am a 76-year-old woman and have been having severe neck and lower back pain. I use your patches, the brown ones, daily. I am amazed that my pain is eased within ten minutes of use."
Daniel A Courtney

Perkinston, MS

"I am 62 and fell and broke my hip a few weeks ago. LUMINAS handled that intense pain. Luminas does the job."

Ladera Ranch, CA

"These patches have been great for my knee pain! Constantly amazed about how they help reduce the pain and inflammation."
Courtney Kocur

Purchase, NY

"These patches have been so helpful post- back surgery. I’ve been able to avoid anti-inflammatories by using them"