Immune Boost Patches

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30 Immune Boost Patches (1" rounds)

Immune Boost Patches are designed to help activate and boost your innate immune system and its ability to defend against viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other foreign particles.
Immune Boost patches are designed be worn on the chest area and can be used daily for optimal support.

Immune Patches use the same proprietary technology as our LUMINAS Relief Patches, except with the electronic signatures from ingredients known to support your immune system.

Safe for all ages. No allergens. No side effects.

Apply 1 patch near the center of your chest. Recommended use: Wear daily for optimal support.

Vitamin C, Green Tea, Ginseng, Elderberry, and Zinc.

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  • 5
    Feeling stronger

    Posted by Donna B.

    The immune patches are magical. I'm feeling stronger every day.

  • 5
    Immune boost

    Posted by janet a.

    I am truly amazed
    Just recovering from 3 times of covid. This one was hard. Boost seemed to help immune system better and quickly more than my supplements I can honestly feel the different. Thank you. I highly recommend

  • 4
    Less pills to take.

    Posted by Diane B.

    I like that I don't have to take so many supplements. Haven't been sick so I guess it helps. I use the pain patches and they definitely help.

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    Immune boost patches!

    Posted by S S.

    I have to think these really do help me. I have not been ill since I began using them a couple of years ago. I thought the pain patches DO work so why not try these? Same principle after all. So far I have been pleased.

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    Nano attach your energy

    Posted by Jeffrey F.

    A very advanced forward looking vision fuels this company.Don't be shocked their products work.

  • 5
    Great stuff!

    Posted by Denice H.

    I hope these are working, but let's just say they are cuz I haven't been sick in a while. Thanks!

  • 5
    Immune Booster

    Posted by Donna F.

    No colds, flu or etc since we started using your immune boost. We make sure to use them as we go to a place where cv still lingers, and are going to be around anyone who took the vax. Protection from heaven.

  • 5
    Best Patches

    Posted by Lesli R.

    I've been using these patches (Pain, Immune, Sleep) for a very long time now. They work! Affordable, quick delivery, and great customer service! I recommend them to all my clients for pain relief and overall wellness.

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    Work well

    Posted by Mishee

    My medically disabled son is immune compromised. He puts one of these on each day. It's hard to say they are working, but I assume they are because of how well the sleep patches and relief patches work.